French Oak Port Cask-Aged Reunion 1st Solera Vintage

French Oak Port Cask-Aged Reunion 1st Solera Vintage

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This special Reunion 1st Solera Vintage is a solera blend of our first two Almanac Anniversary Beer releases – a blend of 50% Almanac 2018 Barleywine and 50% Almanac 2019 Imperial Stout that aged beautifully for seven months in French Oak Port Casks.

This luscious, bottle-conditioned Reunion 1st Solera Vintage shows off flavours of cocoa, vintage port, fudge, demerara sugar, oak and vanilla.

ABV: 11.0%  IBU: 44   SRM: 240

This beer may be enjoyed immediately, or matured in your cellar for up to ten years (upright, cool, and away from light). Best enjoyed in a chalice or snifter, and always with friends.

Note: New in 2020, due to high demand, Almanac will become an Allocated Annual Release. A limited amount of this exceptional beer will be available at The Cowbell General Store, Cowbell Online Store and for Guest Bottle Service at Cowbell Kitchen. Other bottles in the Almanac Series, including Reunion, will be cellared to ensure future availability as single bottles and as part of Celebration Collections.

Note: This price includes HST (13%) and bottle deposit ($0.20 per bottle). 

Disclaimer: Due to Ontario Government Regulations, Cowbell Brewing Co. can only ship Craft Beer within the province of Ontario.

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