McNall's Mission Caramel Popcorn

McNall's Mission Caramel Popcorn

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Enjoy this Cowbell Kitchen Caramel Popcorn made with McNall's Mission Honey Brown Ale for your next movie night or cocktail party – or just because!

Rheo Thompson Candies incorporated McNall's Mission Honey Brown Ale into their classic caramel recipe, sprinkled with the Oat Malts used to brew McNall's Mission Honey Brown Ale, and combined with fresh-popped popcorn. Delicious!

Pairs perfectly with McNall's Mission Honey Brown Ale.

Produced by: Rheo Thompson Candies (Stratford, Ontario).

Ingredients: Cowbell Brewing Co. McNall's Mission Honey Brown Ale, sugar, popcorn (coconut oil flavouring, flavouring salt, color (tartrazine)), salted butter, malt oats. This product contains wheat and dairy.

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