Cowbell Secret Sauce

Cowbell Secret Sauce

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The secret's out! Now, our fan-favourite Cowbell Secret Sauce is available for you to enjoy at home. So go ahead and pile this delicious and mildly spicy sauce on everything! Cowbell Secret Sauce works especially well on burgers, and sandwiches, and for dipping. 

Produced by: The Garlic Box (Hensall, Ontario), in collaboration with Cowbell Brewing's Food and Beverage Team. (Note: Cowbell Secret Sauce used at Cowbell's restaurant is still made in-house by Cowbell Brewing's Food and Beverage Team.)

Ingredients: Mayonnaise (Soybean oil, water, liquid egg yolk, vinegar, sugar, salt, dried glucose, syrup, mustard, concentrated lemon juice, spices and seasonings, dried garlic, dried onions, calcium disodium EDTA (maintains flavour)), vinegar, sea salt, smoked garlic, scapes, parsley, black pepper, cumin, spices.

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