Cowbell Flight Kit
Cowbell Flight Kit

Cowbell Flight Kit

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Bundle and Save: The Founders' Pairing Kit offers a savings of 20% over buying these products individually.

Feel like you're cozied up to Doc's Bar at the Cowbell Farm with your very own Cowbell Flight Kit. 

Each Flight Kit includes:
1 – Cowbell-branded Flight Board
4 – Cowbell 4oz Renegade Snifters
4 – 473mL cans of Cowbell Beer

Light Flight: Shindig Huron County Lager, Kelly's Contraption New World Hefeweizen, Absent Landlord Country Kolsch, Gravel Run Session IPA.

Dark Flight: Oatmeal Vanilla Black Lager, McNall's Mission Honey Brown Ale, Doc Perdue's Boxing Bruin, Doc Perdue's Bobcat.

Note: This is a pre-order. The Flight Kit will ship on December 9, 2019. This price includes HST (13%) and can deposits ($0.40). 

Disclaimer: Due to Ontario Government Regulations, Cowbell Brewing Co. can only ship craft beer within the province of Ontario. All beer orders shipped will be charged a $3 Age Verification fee for pick up/drop off. 

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