French Oak Port Cask-Aged Maple Syrup

French Oak Port Cask-Aged Maple Syrup

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Treat yourself to the newest edition to our Back Forty Maple Syrup line-up: French Oak Port Cask-Aged Maple Syrup!

100% Pure Ontario maple syrup aged in a French Oak Port Cask (the same cask used to age Reunion 1st Solera Vintage) for an entire year. Delicious!

This syrup is elegant and smooth. Perfect for drizzling on waffles, pancakes or baked apples.

Produced by: The Robinson family, Regal Point Elk Farm (Wiarton, Ontario).

Regal Point Elk Farm operates one of Ontario's most energy-efficient sugar shacks on their family-owned 200-acre farm. In 2015, the Robinsons installed Ontario's first electric steam evaporator, which uses very little energy per liter of maple syrup without wasting any heat.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Ontario maple syrup.

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