Bourbon Barrel-Aged Almanac 2018 Barleywine

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Almanac 2018 Barleywine

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This is a special edition of our ALMANAC 2018 Barleywine – the beer specifically brewed to celebrate our first year of life at the Cowbell Farm. After the beer was fermented, most rested cool in our special black Anniversary Fermenter – undisturbed until its release on our first anniversary. A small portion of that beer was pulled from the tank, then laid to rest in bourbon barrels for over 10 months.

This beer may be enjoyed immediately, or matured in your cellar for up to five years (upright, cool, and away from light). Best enjoyed in a chalice or snifter, and always with friends.


ABV: 11.72%     IBU: 24     SRM: 19     TEMP: 10°C

Note: This price includes HST (13%) and bottle deposit ($0.20 per bottle). 

Disclaimer: Due to Ontario Government Regulations, Cowbell Brewing Co. can only ship Craft Beer within the province of Ontario.

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