Almanac Niagara Red Wine Cask-Aged Coffee

Almanac Niagara Red Wine Cask-Aged Coffee

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Treat yourself to our Limited Edition Seasonal Release: Medium Roast Almanac Niagara Red Wine Cask-Aged Coffee!

Made in collaboration with Shopbike Coffee Roasters, this deliciously special coffee was made by aging Medium Roast Cowbell Coffee for 45 days in our Niagara Red Wine Cask-Aged Almanac 2020 Belgian Quad casks. The resulting coffee has notes of red wine, berry, black currant, chocolate, caramel and nuts.

Lovingly roasted in small batches. Guaranteed fresh. Always certified organic.

Cowbell sells whole beans for optimal freshness and quality. Store on a pantry shelf in an opaque airtight container away from light, heat and moisture.

Produced by: Shopbike Coffee Roasters (Bayfield, Ontario).

Shaun Henry, Shopbike Coffee Roasters Co-Owner, has historic ties to the land where Cowbell Brewing Co. stands today – the farmland was owned and operated by his grandfather.

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