Beer-Scented Candle Collection
8oz. Absent Landlord Candle - Soft floral and honey hit the nose immediately, followed by light bread dough and soft citrus.
8oz. Doc Perdue's Bobcat Candle -  fresh pine, citrus and orange aromas
8oz. Kelly's Contraption Candle - The nose tickles with soft banana, light melon, hubba bubba bubble-gum, orange, and a touch of vanilla
8oz. Boxing Bruin Candle - Tropical fruits are most obvious showing off pineapple, orange zest and mango. Zesty citrus and lime mix with a candy like sweetness
Beer-Scented Candle

Beer-Scented Candle

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Our candle collection at The Cowbell General Store is inspired by the Founders' Series.

Our Beer-Scented Candles are made from 100% soybean wax, 100% cotton wick, fragrant oils, and are petroleum free. For marathon burners, one will likely get approximately 40 hours of burning time out of there candle. It is recommended however, that every 4 hours, the candle is extinguished and the wick is trimmed to prolong the longevity of the candle. By extinguishing and trimming, you are likely to get 50+ hours out of the candle. It will also burn cleaner.

Note: These candles are not meant to smell like beer, rather the aromatic characteristics are inspired by the tasting notes illustrated on the cans for each beer.

Made locally by our friends at Village Craft and Candle in St. Mary's, ON.